Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The dullness of Our Blinded Sight

Yesterday I took Rasheed Toney, a young African American man, to the Marriott Hotel at the Newark airport to get a job application. We discovered that he has to use the web to apply for a job. He does not have internet at home. One has to ask for whom is this convenience? I cannot think of any other answer than for the company. Why do they think that anyone they would want to hire would have a computer? Perhaps they feel that those who cannot afford internet and a computer are those who they would not wish to hire. What it does mean is that a young man will have to go to the library or a career center to do his application, and then to follow up with his email account. This means busfare or quite a long trip each time. It seems to me that we so take for granted that people's economic circumstances are like ours that we frequently create larger obstacles for those who already have a more than fair share. Maybe I am overly concerned, but it does seem that there is not a huge effort to make things accessible to those who might in fact need our aid the most.

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