Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does the Church have a lot of Crap that must go?

I suspect it does, but I somehow think we can also over-react to its perceived demise. The church only has a huge problem if we think the church must always be large, influential in our society, and representative of central currents of thought in our culture. But that is not necessarily so. True the Church is in a stage of change, however, with God's grace it all could be a blessing. The article linked below offers some reasons why the church is diminishing and offers some responses the community could make. I resonate with much here, however, think it exaggerates because much that it criticizes are characteristics that each society will develop in time, and the reasonable response is to manage them, not do away with them only to make room for new rank growth. But the main weakness in the article is that nothing excites us like a crisis. I suspect the change will be great, but I also suspect there will be developments which will give strength to the church of the future. I also think there is a current of anti-intellectualism which is misguided. We have to encourage much study and personal pursuit of holiness for the church to be the church. Education is critical and we need more, not less of it. Here is the article.

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